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Buy Blue Can Emergency Water | Disaster Preparedness

Blue Can Emergency Water is THE premium purified water used by FEMA, NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, and hospitals and schools around the nation

Jackson Water Crisis: Mississippi's Largest City's Water System Fails

Two Blue Can Emergency Water pallets stacked one on the other.

Fed’s Admit to Deadly Drinking Water!

Survival Without Water? – Not a Chance! Prepare for Emergencies and Disasters Now!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Severe weather and natural disasters can hit you any place, any time. The many dangers and stresses that you, your family and your community will face during emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, winter storms and utility outages can be greatly relieved knowing you have a lot of safe canned water for drinking and cooking, and to carry with you by car or backpack if evacuating or fleeing.

When planning for the broad scope and length of emergencies that often contaminate public drinking water supplies, a "pro-active" emergency water response is vital for the survival, safety, and welfare of first responders and victims in an emergency event.

Photo of Houston TX flooded and the water utilities damaged.
Houston Texas water outage Source: WMO-CC.
a close up of a Blue Can Emergency Water aluminum can that says it can be stored for 50 years.

Blue Can purified emergency water saves lives! Thanks to its 50-year shelf life, this premium drinking water is emergency storage water of choice for FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and NASA.

Make sure you have enough emergency water supplies for your family, facility, or organization. Clean drinking water is the number one survival necessity.

When disaster strikes, you'll have peace of mind.

How to Buy Blue Can Water in Bulk for Your Emergency Management Plan

Four images of Blue Can Emergency Water in a case of 24 cans, in a pallet of 100 cases, wrapping the pallets in plastic, and a blue semi-truck for emergency water deliveries

At James R Whelan Enterprises, LLC, we deliver Blue Can Water by the pallet, with each wrapped pallet holding 100 strong cases, which comes to a total of 2,400 individual 12-oz cans, to meet the emergency hydration needs of and local government agencies, hospitals, schools, disaster relief teams, as well as for live-in care facilities, HOAs, preppers, families, and individuals. Each pallet, case, and can will be good for up to 50 years of storage. Contact us today to have emergency water shipped to your facility.

Customers who buy Blue Can Emergency Water give it five stars for quality, value, safety, and convenience.The words in red say “Verified Purchase” to indicate that the Blue Can Water review was honest and unsolicited
Jim Whelan, CEO of James R Whelan Enterprises, LLC

Last year, I researched and purchased my first pallet of Blue Can Water, convinced that this is the best emergency water for the safety and security of my family, my employees and my community when severe weather or any type of other disaster occurs here in West Palm, Florida. I purchased 3 more pallets for personal and neighborhood use, and opened a business to get this long-lasting solution for potable drinking water out to communities, hospitals, schools and government agencies across the nation.

Profile photo of Jim Whelan in West Palm Beach, CEO and owner of Survival Water in a Can

The ONLY Emergency Drinking Water with a Lab certified 50-Year Shelf Life

When you don’t have to buy or ship or rotate water every 6-12 months, that makes Blue Can the most cost-effective drinking water for storage available.

Blue Can Water’s 50 year limited warranty seal.Hi, I’m Jim Whelan, and my company, James R Whelan Enterprises, LLC, sells a made-in-America product with a mission to provide long-lasting, great-tasting, emergency drinking water in 100% recyclable aluminum cans. A truly amazing solution for 50-year clean drinking water storage! Click Here to view the Blue Can Limited Warranty.

With frequent severe weather events happening across the U.S. weekly causing havoc to our water and electricity systems, to our homes, our roads, and in facilities housing our most vulnerable populations, I’m working with disaster management personnel across America to deliver the best solution possible for bulk water storage in pallets or by the container-load. When any emergency strikes, the water is then easily distributed to families and individuals by the 24-can case, or as single pop-top 12-oz. cans.

Logos of customers that keep Blue Can drinking water on hand for emergency survival including hospitals, cities, NBC, airports, U.S. Naval bases and NASA.

Government, Hospitals, Schools, Disaster Management Teams, and Prepper Uses

James R Whelan Enterprises, LLC delivers bulk pallets of pure, safe drinking water for hydration, cooking, and hygiene to:
💧 Federal, state, county, and municipal disaster response teams Read More...
• Law enforcement agencies
• Fire departments and emergency medical services
• Search and rescue units, K-9 units
• Disaster victims and communities
💧Hospitals, medical facilities, assisted living centers, shelters
💧Schools, universities, boarding schools
💧Preppers, work force, family, and individuals

Logos from customers of Blue Can Emergency Water include the American Red Cross, city of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose.

The Safe Water Solution You Can Set and Forget – No Rotation Needed

Finally, there is a solution: Blue Can Emergency Water – the ONLY water with a 50-YEAR SHELF LIFE.

This long-life canned water is purified using a state-of-the-art high-tech filtration system. Blue Can water is then sterilized and hermetically sealed in aluminum cans under pressure, allowing Blue Can to store safely for decades.

Don't wait until it is too late! Stock up on 50-year shelf-life water from James R Whelan Enterprises, LLC, the best emergency drinking water for disaster preparation. You can make sure that your community or facility is safe from anything that happens, from hurricanes to power outages to compromised water lines. Place your order for a pallet or container load today.

How Much Water to Store for an Emergency?

• Store at least 1/2 to 1 gallon per person and pet per day for very basic needs

• Store at least a 14-day supply of water for each person

• Store and drink twice as much in warmer climates

Do not ration water and risk dehydration

Photograph of laboratory testing Blue Can Water for purity and safety.

Customers who buy Blue Can Emergency Water give it five stars for quality, value, safety, and convenience.The words in red say “Verified Purchase” to indicate that the Blue Can Water review was honest and unsolicited
American Patriot - Respect for Everyone

Folks, this is a very high-quality American product. Water can sit in these cans for up to 50 YEARS! I bought four so far, and will buy more. We used to store water in mil-spec Jerry (NATO) water jugs, but even they grow mildew, and water goes bad. This water stays fresh and clean and will do its job well when called upon.

A can of Blue Can Emergency Water with the words “The #1 Emergency Water in the World.”

Best Emergency Water in Recyclable Aluminum Cans

Stock up on 50-year shelf-life water from Blue Can.

Features of Blue Can Water:

• 50-Year Shelf Life
• No More Rotating Stock
• Stays Fresh In Heat
• Ability To Double-Stack Pallets

• Hermetically Sealed
• Plastic-Free
• Sustainable Packaging
• BPA-Free

• Pressurized Cans
• Recyclable & Eco-Friendly
• Outstanding Taste

Blue Can’s Aluminum Shelf-Life Exceeds Plastic Bottle Shelf-Life by up to 49 Years!

Blue Can does not utilize plastic because plastic is permeable, which means that gasses and contaminants can pass into the bottle over time. Aluminum, however, is ideal method of storage. It’s durable, rust-proof, recyclable, and it provides a true barrier to outside contaminants, and is easily distributed when needed to thousands of people.

Aluminum cans will never rust and hold up extremely well over time when properly stacked, even in heated temperatures. The inner lining of Blue Can Water is BPA-free. Once you store it, you don’t have to replace anything, unless it is used, for the next five decades.

Whenever it is used in an emergency, Blue Can Emergency Water will taste the same as the day it was made – clean, pure, and refreshing.

Photograph of pure, clear drinking water being poured from a Blue Can Water aluminium can.

What are the Differences Between Blue Can Water and Plastic Bottled Water?

Items to Compare Blue Can Water Plastic Bottles Details
Shelf Life 50 YEARS 1 YEAR Plastic bottles exposed to heat/sunlight expire rapidly and leach chemicals into the water.
Cost Savings Over Time YES NO Blue Can doesn’t expire and on average pays for itself over 5-7 years.
Reduces Storage by 50% YES NO Blue Can pallets are stackable 2-high (900 gallons) measuring 48” x 40” of floor space when stored.
Stays Fresh in Heat YES NO Blue Can Water can be stored in temperatures up to 150º F. Plastic bottles deteriorate at 80º+ F.
Pure Clean Taste YES NO Blue Can Water retains its pure taste for 50 years.
Environmentally Sound YES NO 65% of aluminum is recycled, but only 7% of plastic.
Less than 1 Part/Million Impurities YES NO FDA standard for bottled water is 500 parts/million impurities. Blue Can is less than 1 part/million
95% Recycled Packaging YES NO Blue Can uses 95% recycled aluminum.
BPA-free YES NO Blue Can has an epoxy lining that is BPA-free.
Safe for Vehicle Storage YES NO Plastic deteriorates at 80º F. BCW is safe to 150º F.
Hermetically-sealed Container YES NO Chemicals, bacteria, fungus and mold won’t leach through aluminum.
12-Step Purification Process YES NO Industry standard for plastic bottle water is 4 steps.
Cost and Labor Savings YES NO Blue Can purchase saves labor and costs on annual reordering paperwork, budget approval, dumping old stock, and shipping/storage of new stock.

Customers who buy Blue Can Emergency Water give it five stars for quality, value, safety, and convenience.The words in red say “Verified Purchase” to indicate that the Blue Can Water review was honest and unsolicited
Grocery Shopper – Worth the Investment

Reviewed in the U.S. February 2021

Purchased this water products 5 years ago since bottled water has a shelf life of 2 years. With the recent freeze and water system outage Texas experienced, I had to dig into my supplies. Water tasted great and the substantial hardened cardboard cases were great. Thanks. Well worth the extra money.

Water filtration process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Drinking Water

How long does your water last?

Blue Can offers a 50-year shelf-life guarantee for its water products based on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that meet or exceed standard FDA regulations and bottled water industry standards. FDA has established specific regulations for bottled water in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR) that you can read here. Read our FDA lab analysis here:

How is Blue Can Water purified?

Blue Can Water is purified, disinfected, and sterilized to remove any chemicals or particles using a 12-step multi-stage process. This process includes using active charcoal filters, dual reserve osmosis under high pressure, six-stage micron traps, two sterilizers, high intensity UV lights, active pH balance, and ozone sterilization with state-of-the-art technology all preserved under pressure.

How much does a pallet of water weigh?

Each pallet of Blue Can Emergency Water weighs 2,040 lbs. (925.18 kg). Since the cans are pressurized, packed in 100 strong cardboard cases, and securely wrapped, it is safe to stack them two pallets high, greatly minimizing the storage area.

What temperature do you recommend storing Blue Can?

Temperature fluctuations do not change the quality of our water. It’s recommended that water be stored between 38 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius) and no higher than 145 degrees (55 degrees Celsius) Fahrenheit for best results. Does the water taste metallic? There is no metallic taste. Blue Can has an epoxy coating inside the can to protect the water from the aluminum. In the opinion of an online Blue Can Water reviewer, “The taste is like water from a stream through natural mountains, cleaned by natural rocks and sand. The cleanest tasting water ever.” – Denise, March 2020

Can I cook with this water?

Yes, please do! It’s perfect for tea, coffee, soups, reconstituting dehydrated foods, protein shakes, boiling vegetables, meat, noodles, and any other type of cooking.

Is the water BPA Free?

YES, aged water in the can has been tested BPA-Free by an FDA certified lab. Refer to the lab report PDF above.

What is the can liner made of?

In accordance with the FDA requirements and California Proposition 65, Blue Can Water cans have a non-BPA epoxy coating on the inside to protect the contents from the metal. It is always at a neutral PH to prevent any corrosion of the epoxy coating inside the container.

Is the water deionized?

BCW has an ORP of approx. 430, according to the FDA Certified Lab. Deionization is not required.

Is radiological testing conducted on the source water at least every 4 years?

Radiological testing is done EVERY YEAR and no Radiological residue has been detected. Water analysis reports are performed by third party laboratories using procedures established by EPA, AOAC, APHA, AWW and WPCF. Extensive testing was conducted by an independent analytical NELAP Accredited Laboratory. Refer to the lab results above. According to the certified lab report, Blue Can Water meets all drinking water standards as established by the State of California Department of Health Services.

Do you provide have a guarantee on the shelf-life of the canned water?

Yes, we do! Click Here to view our Limited Warranty.

Can I leave the cans in my garage during hot weather?

Yes, heat changes have been lab tested and do not affect the water inside.

Why Aluminum Cans?

Aluminum is the ideal container for long term shelf life. In beverage cans, it can be hermetically sealed (nothing can go in and nothing can go out), it has strength for stacking in pallets and aluminum never rusts. Aluminum is a sustainable metal can be recycled over and over again.

A case of 25 12-ounce cans of Blue Can survival storage water.

Customers who buy Blue Can Emergency Water give it five stars for quality, value, safety, and convenience.The words in red say “Verified Purchase” to indicate that the Blue Can Water review was honest and unsolicitedElkay  Back up Supply

Reviewed in the U.S. January 2020

We are so happy to have a long-time supply of water for our Senior Center. Thank you for making this accessible!

Product Specifications for Orders and Shipments of Blue Can Water

• Sold only by the pallet.

• Standard Pallet: 100 Cases/2400 individual cans (24 12-oz cans/case)

• Gallons per Pallet: 225 gallons (851.7 liters)

• Pallet Dimensions: 48"L x 40"W x 69"H

• Pallet Configuration: 9 cases per tier x 11 tiers + 1 case in middle chute

• Pallet Weight: 2040 lbs. (925.18 Kg)

• Storage Temperature: 33 degrees F to 150 degrees F (1C to 60C)

• Water: Purified and commercially sterile drinking water - Reverse Osmosis and Ozonation/UV Light

• 50-year shelf life

An image of a can of Blue Can Water and another image of two pallets of Blue Can Water stacked one on the other with a testimonial from a hospital that Blue Can was the solution to their water storage needs.

Customers who buy Blue Can Emergency Water give it five stars for quality, value, safety, and convenience.The words in red say “Verified Purchase” to indicate that the Blue Can Water review was honest and unsolicitedA.K.  Easy water storage

Reviewed in the U.S. January 2018

Could never figure out how to keep water for emergencies without huge plastic containers that aren’t great, plus have to be replaced yearly. This was the perfect solution. Need to get more, but have four to start. Easy to stack and store. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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