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What to Know During a Drinking Water Emergency

By Survival Water in a Can | April 12, 2024

Here is a prime example as to why you should have our 50 year guaranteed shelf life emergency water ready for you and your community. Boil water notices happen all the time. They have even happened in my own community. Here is one notice from the California Governors Office of Emergency Services. It tells you…

Hand in blue latex glove testing dirty contaminated water.

Water crisis in America

By Survival Water in a Can | March 23, 2023

Water Crisis in America | Where Will It Hit Next? Flint, Jackson, and East Palestine, Ohio’s drinking water and sanitation issues. What can be done? The East Palestine Train Derailment – What Happened to the Water? The catastrophic East Palestine train derailment and subsequent burning of vinyl chloride to avert an explosion resulted in dead…

Feds Admit to Deadly Drinking Water!

By Survival Water in a Can | September 14, 2022

Stakeholder Memo #31 In GSA’s ongoing effort to inform tenants about the Goodfellow Environmental Project, the following provides recent updates on the Goodfellow Federal Center. Recent sampling results Building air and surfaces In June 2022, industrial hygiene samples were collected in Buildings 103, 103D, 103E, 104, 104E, 104F, 105, 105E, 105L, 106, 107, and 110…

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