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Preppers, Families, Churches, HOA’s, Local Communities, and Non-Profits Stockpile Blue Can Emergency Water

Blue Can Purified Drinking Water – the top choice for preppers, families, HOAs, survival shelters, churches, FEMA, fire services, and first responders throughout the U.S.

A picture of Blue Can Emergency Water and an outline of a prepper drinking it with grey skies in the background.

Prepare Yourself, your Family and your Neighbors for Any Disaster with Blue Can Emergency Water

Blue Can Emergency Water is THE premium emergency drinking water of choice used by preppers, families, home owners’ associations, churches and fire chiefs, as well as FEMA, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, the Red Cross, and the Vermont Veterans Administration.

A protester in Flint, Michigan holds up a sign about the 2-year man-made disaster where the city water was poisoning residents and children.

Disaster preparedness consists of a set of measures undertaken by individuals, families, neighbors and local communities to better respond and cope with the immediate aftermath of a disaster, whether it be man-made or caused by severe weather or other hazards with the objective to reduce loss of lives, properties, and the means of livelihoods. 

When it comes to disaster preparedness, federal or city governments are not always prepared to deal with the most urgent and vital needs of the people affected. The disaster scenarios of Hurricane Katrina that upended an entire community for a decade, and the poisoned drinking water debacle in Flint, Michigan where residents had to rely on commercially bought drinking water April 2014 through June 2016 are evidence of government failure and infrastructure weaknesses. 

Photo of Houston TX flooded and the water utilities damaged.

Clean drinking water is the number one survival necessity for human survival. Blue Can Water can be delivered to your home, HOA, church, or survival shelter by the pallet and by the container, depending on your family or local community’s emergency survival plan.

When disaster strikes, be prepared to survive.

Customers who buy Blue Can Emergency Water give it five stars for quality, value, safety, and convenience.The words in red say “Verified Purchase” to indicate that the Blue Can Water review was honest and unsolicited
American Patriot - Respect for Everyone

Folks, this is a very high-quality American product. Water can sit in these cans for up to 50 YEARS! I bought four so far, and will buy more. We used to store water in mil-spec Jerry (NATO) water jugs, but even they grow mildew, and water goes bad. This water stays fresh and clean and will do its job well when called upon.

The ONLY Storable Drinking Water in Pallets with a Lab-certified 50-Year Shelf Life

When you don’t have the hassle of rotating, disinfecting, re-filling water storage bins every 6 months, or re-buying cases of short-lived plastic bottles of water every year, that makes Blue Can Emergency Water the most cost-effective and labor-reducing water available for long-term storage and use.

Profile photo of Jim Whelan in West Palm Beach, CEO and owner of Survival Water in a Can

Hi, I’m Jim Whelan, and my company, James R Whelan Enterprises, LLC, delivers long-lasting, great-tasting, emergency drinking water by the pallet in 100% recyclable aluminum cans to families, individuals, HOAs, churches, and local community survival shelters across the U.S.

After researching and purchasing my first pallet of Blue Can Water, I was convinced that this is the best emergency water for the safety and security of my family, my employees and my community when severe weather or any type of other emergency or disaster occurs here in West Palm, Florida. I purchased 3 more pallets for personal and neighborhood use, and opened a business to get this long-lasting solution for potable drinking water out to people and communities like yours who are serious about survival prep. Contact me today to arrange for the longest-lasting solution of 50-year clean drinking water storage. Click Here to view the Blue Can Limited Warranty.

Blue Can Water’s 50 year limited warranty seal.

Blue Can Purified Water Recommendation by a Prepper Family

Customers who buy Blue Can Emergency Water give it five stars for quality, value, safety, and convenience.The words in red say “Verified Purchase” to indicate that the Blue Can Water review was honest and unsolicited
Kylene – “A prepper’s water storage dream come true!”

Blue Can Water is purified and sterilized drinking water, stored in aluminum cans for emergency water storage. It has an amazing shelf life of 50 years. Blue Can is a prepper’s water storage dream come true. Our family goal is to have a couple of pallets of Blue Can Water in our basement storeroom. I think it would bring a tremendous amount of peace and security knowing that I didn’t have to worry about clean drinking water for 50 years

Blue Can Water Ready to Deliver by the Pallet to your Home, Church, HOA, and Survival Shelter

At James R Whelan Enterprises, LLC, we deliver Blue Can Water by the pallet, with each wrapped pallet holding 100 strong cases, which comes to a total of 2,400 individual 12-oz cans, to meet your emergency hydration needs. Each pallet, case and can will be ready-to-drink for up to 50 years. Enquire also about the new 32 oz. can option.

Contact us today for Blue Can Emergency Water delivered by the pallet.

Four images of Blue Can Emergency Water in a case of 24 cans, in a pallet of 100 cases, wrapping the pallets in plastic, and a blue semi-truck for emergency water deliveries
Logos from customers of Blue Can Emergency Water include the American Red Cross, city of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose.

Wherever Disaster Strikes, Blue Can Emergency Water Saves Lives!

Blue Can Emergency Water is always ready for any disaster scenario. Shipped in pallets with reinforced corner brackets, 450 gallons of water (or 900 gallons when stacked) can be stored in less than 16 square feet! This survival drinking water has a shelf-life of 50 years, so doesn’t need rotation or replacement.

Toss it into your pickup, boat or backpack and you’re ready to go. That’s why Blue Can is used by preppers and families who care about survival during hurricanes floods, tornadoes, winter storms, earthquakes, utility outages, civil unrest, standoffs, evacuations and rescue operations. Click here for more information about Blue Can Water.

How Does Blue Can Water Last as long as 50 years?

Blue Can offers a 50-year shelf-life guarantee for its water products based on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that meet or exceed standard FDA regulations and bottled water industry standards. Read our FDA lab analysis here:

Four cans of Blue Can Emergency Water stored in a row with the words “50 YR Shelf Life”

Blue Can Water to the Rescue During Texas Freeze and Water Utility Outage

A 5-star recommendation by a Blue Can Water customer in Texas who used his supply during a recent freeze and water utility outage.

Logos showing many of Blue Can Water’s customers.

Ron from Atlas Survival Shelters:
“It tastes just like water. There’s no canned taste, no plastic taste. It tastes just like pure spring water.”

Product Specifications for Ordering and Shipping Blue Can Water

Sold only by the pallet.

• Standard Pallet: 100 Cases/2400 individual cans (24 12-oz cans/case)

• Gallons per Pallet: 225 gallons (851.7 liters)

• Pallet Dimensions: 48"L x 40"W x 69"H

• Pallet Configuration: 9 cases per tier x 11 tiers + 1 case in middle chute

• Pallet Weight: 2040 lbs. (925.18 Kg)

• Storage Temperature: 33 degrees F to 150 degrees F (1C to 60C)

• Water: Purified and commercially sterile drinking water - Reverse Osmosis and

• Ozonation/UV Light

• 50-year shelf life

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